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Your Quick-Start Guide to Applying Sunless Tanner

Enjoy a flawless, totally authentic-looking tan without the sun! No more need to expose your skin to the harmful and damaging UV-rays thrown at you by the sun and tanning beds. Ask yourself one simple question, if I can get the same natural-looking tanned results from a sunless tanner without needing to risk getting skin cancer or prematurely ageing my skin from UV-rays, why am I not already using a sunless tanner?! The common answer most people gave is that they perceived sunless tanners in general as perhaps difficult to apply, time-consuming and their number 1 concern - ‘it might look fake on me’.

These concerns have been blasted out of the water with the revolutionary new paraben-free SunlessScience Multi-Action Self Tan Lotion. Taking sunless tanning to a whole new level of ease and authenticity, SunlessScience offers you a sunless tanning lotion that is as easy to apply as a moisturiser, and develops into a subtle sun-kissed glow that rivals a real sun tan.

- It’s fast and simple to apply
- It uniquely works with ALL skin tones so you’ll always look naturally bronzed regardless of your skin shade

- It’s fragrance-free and full of multi-action natural and organic ingredients that are great for the skin
- It’s known for delivering one of the most natural-looking sunless tans ever
- It even comes with a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE we’re that confident you’ll love it.

Application Instructions - 3 Simple Steps for Self Tan Perfection:

Step 1
Preparing the skin for tanning:

The most important first step towards ensuring you have a natural-looking tan is simply to exfoliate the skin. The purpose of exfoliating is to remove the top layer of dead skin that would otherwise flake off naturally and unevenly anyway, taking your new tan with it. Not exfoliating prior to sunless tanning means your skin with just naturally shed itself unevenly and lead to a patchy tan. This is very easily avoided by simply exfoliating first. Use a gritty body scrub or similar in the shower prior to tanning to give your skin a good exfoliation.

If you need to wax or shave do it at least 24 hours prior to sunless tanning, as this allows the skin to calm down and settle before any products are applied. When applying the sunless tanning product, for best results you should not mix SunlessScience with any other body lotions as this could dilute the tanning agent (resulting in a lighter tan), or the ingredients of the two products could conflict (resulting in no tan or a poor quality result).

If you have stubborn areas that tend to go a little darker when tanning, try using a barrier cream - any good thick/creamy moisturizer will do - to stop those areas soaking up too much of the product and developing too dark. This is generally only the case where the skin is harder, such as knees, elbows, ankles, feet, etc. Try applying only a very small amount of SunlessScience on these areas first until you get used to the amount you need to keep the colour even all over.

Step 2
Sunless Tan Application:

For best results, apply SunlessScience straight after a shower on clean dry skin. Avoid washing with shower gels and soaps high in alkaline as your skin should be neutral when applying the product. Apply the lotion all over the body, taking time to ensure you’re applying it evenly and not putting on too much – remember you can always apply another layer later if you want to go darker. Apply the product rubbing the lotion into the skin in circular upward motions, this will help all the firming and toning ingredients get to work on the skin most effectively. Do not wash or bathe for 6-8 hours after application as this will give the tan plenty of time to develop fully on your skin and also allow maximum benefit from all the natural organic firming and toning ingredients. We recommend wearing loose, dark clothing whilst the tan is developing, and not to take part in any physical activity that can make you perspire. Once the tan has developed after those initial 6-8 hours you’ll have an amazing natural sun-kissed glow for up to 10 days per application and you’re free to do whatever you like!

For most people one application is perfect to give them that hit of natural-looking colour, however if you prefer your tan a little darker simply re-apply SunlessScience again 24 hours later and watch as your shade of tan deepens further over the course of a few hours.

Step 3
Maintaining your tan:

SunlessScience Multi-Action Self Tan Lotion not only gives you a totally authentic-looking tan, it also fades evenly just like the real thing too. You’ll notice the natural colour gently beginning to fade as the days pass by, however if you want to keep your tanned appearance simply re-apply the lotion again following the same steps shown above and your natural-looking bronzed glow will be further extended for another 7-10 days!

How long will one bottle of SunlessScience last me? Typically we say one 8.5 fl. oz bottle will last you 4-6 weeks depending on how often you a re-applying your tan. For some people it’s a little less whilst for others it’s a little more, you’ll normally find the depth of colour you like and then maintain it by re-applying every so often, similar to maintaining your real tan when you had to visit the UV-tanning bed salons - only now with each ‘hit of colour’ you are positively hydrating and caring for your skin rather than negatively damaging and destroying it with UV-rays!

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SunlessScience Multi-Action Self Tanning Lotion is a revolutionary new sunless tanner that takes natural self tan products to a new level. Made using certified organic DHA and Aloe Vera, this sunless tanner is both hydrating and gentle to the skin. We've left out synthetic fragrances, colours, parabens, and all other harsh chemicals to create a truly natural sunless tanner that helps keep you looking radiant and sun-kissed all year round. The industry professionals behind SunlessScience have also carefully blended select natural and botanical extracts to create the first natural mutli-action sunless tanner that not only gives you a totaly authentic-looking tan but also offers firming & toning properties through the addition of Co-Enzyme Q10, Horse Chestnut, Witch Hazel, Juniper Berry, Sweet Almond Oil, and Vitamin E. All these amazing natural ingredients and extracts come together to offer an even more beneficial and longer-lasting sunless tanning experience than ever before.

Developed and tested by top industry professionals to achieve self tan perfection. SunlessScience Multi-Action Tanning Lotion uniquely works with all skin tones to deliver a flawless, natural looking tan that lasts longer and cares more for your skin than other comparable sunless tanners.

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